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Just yer average tea-sippin', coffee snob drinker that is trying to make it as an aspiring Illustrator and conceptual character designer! I got a hankerin' for some paranormal tofu and slashy goodness :D

About 97% of this blog will all be reblogged/gif sets/fics and prompt ideas of Supernatural. Destiel is my one and only OTP, but I'm also a multi-shipper so yes I like wincest, sabriel, wincestiel, and any other odd pairings I find adorable.

Sub!Cas fan here too <3

I'm an artist and will reblog for references and cause it looks fucking beautiful <3

"Local Artist
I'm the lock and your the key
Scribble scribble DRINK"

Holy Jeezbus too much awesomeness goin’ around on my dashboard

Soooo yea pretty much excited for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and Uncharted 3….that is pretty much it *LOL* I’m sure there is a ton of other stuff but its not really grabbing my attention yet.

In other news: I’m getting obsessed with BBC Sherlock Holmes fanart/screencaps that are also appearing on my dashboard, and should probably get on that so I can fangirl about it. Love to read some awesome stories too! (if ya wanna rec some to me please do!).

Slightly getting into Dean/Castiel pairing too from Supernatural (I don’t think I’ll fully watch the series…just clips from different episodes). Somehow this pairing is gnawing at my brain, and it keeps demanding me to find stories of these two (recs would be awesome if you guys know some).

Preeeeeetty much it! Oh! and Feed Me will be playing at Ruby Skye this Thursday. I’ll probably be spamming my dashboard with more Jon Gooch (Feed Me) till the day comes <3333

Stay classy my beautiful followers ;D