Dubstep and D&B Fanatic
Just yer average tea-sippin', coffee snob drinker that is trying to make it as an aspiring Illustrator and conceptual character designer! I got a hankerin' for some paranormal tofu and slashy goodness :D

About 97% of this blog will all be reblogged/gif sets/fics and prompt ideas of Supernatural. Destiel is my one and only OTP, but I'm also a multi-shipper so yes I like wincest, sabriel, wincestiel, and any other odd pairings I find adorable.

Sub!Cas fan here too <3

I'm an artist and will reblog for references and cause it looks fucking beautiful <3

"Local Artist
I'm the lock and your the key
Scribble scribble DRINK"

Gonna see Crystal Method this Friday :D

I am all kinds of excite for this! I was battling whether to see them or Wolfgang Gartner. I LOVE Wolfgang Gartner! but since me and my friend already saw him…kind of wanted to see Crystal Method more.

God its been years since I listened to them. Like…highschool I think *lol* better check out some of their stuff before seeing the show eh? THIS WEEKEND IS GOING TO BE AWESOME <3